maandag 17 december 2012

Early Happy Christmas and New Year!

Alright the last post for this year is coming up.
All i wanna post now is what i did, what i do now, what will happen next.

Lets start with what i accomplished this year in sword2:
First of all my very first Eln, which i still am very happy with it. ^_^
Solo both Mines & Ruins, trying to do parts of ToC but Einwind is such a b*tch!
The friends i made this year.

Overall these are my main points which i can remember and am happy about, the castilla runs are just testing on how far i can go alone in the game which makes me happy everytime i get further.

And know for what i am doing now:
With the Alphabet Event gone and several other events aswell i have been farming for the next patch characters, which i have nearly everything i need, or atleast so far that i got the items i want for my next teams.

Aswell i have been busy with setting up a Minecraft server with the elements of a RPG.
So far so good is all i can say to it now. As a minecraft player you might say why a other RPG server when there are a lot of other ones in there?.
Well in a simple answer: When have you seen a hand made RPG server without World Edit plugins?
Yeap thats right, i am making this whole server block by block.
(Only looking for testers with several plugins... because not all people would read the rules and just f*ck it all up...)

This is how it looks when it was still in the begin phase with the wrong texture pack.
As you can see its not on the usual water level, in fact i am making this all in the sky, 20-30 blocks above the clouds.. (which is ratehr funny because minecraft logic: Its rains above the clouds)

The next pictures is with the correct texture pack and how the current map looks like.

This would be the upgraded begin area, as you can see there is a space for more which i intend to make something there, probbly more houses for players to live in.

This Castle is home for future in-game events, hence its name is Event Castle, these events are gonna be made by myself due to its fun and many events i can make.

This structure here is the entrance to all the lands that are in the sky, this is the first thing you will see when you come all the way up from the starting spawn.

More views on the lands, as maker of this world/server i can fly to everything there is, but i assure you its much more enjoyable when you walk normal, because you can see the actual build from the front.

This is would be the Admin/Moderators house, because of that this place isnt reachable by normal players because i made this way higher then the lands below it.\
As seen from in-game you can only see its side parts a little bit, everything in the middle is a total mystery to people who dont see this.

Aswell i am not making pictures all over the place, who knows you join the server but you have already seen it all, which makes it a little less enjoyable (atleast for me if i would join a server)

And now for what will happen next:
When the new server kicks in, i will be busy (like many others) getting new chars doing new quest and ofcourse the new missions, if everythign goes right i will "level-up" in game.
And ofcourse i won forget to post on my blog its just i be busy the days and in the new year.

With that i shall end my plans etc.

Without further delay i present to you the part 1 of the off-spin story!

Shion: Alright lets get this right, you will give me this insane delicious bread and i will give you this precious rock for it!
Trader: And this rock came from?
Shion: From the richest cave this new world has to offer, i give you my word its the best rock you will ever find and for a trade like this you dont want to refuse!
Trader: ughhh.... alright deal..
Shion: Thank you kind trader!

*Shion a master in trading stuff or is he now?*

Shion: Thanks to my good skills we have some food Helena.
Helena: I still cant believe you actually did that...
Shion: All in a days work for me.
Helena: People really need to learn to distrust people a bit xD
Shion: I just have a convincing voice thats all!
Helena: Got that right, trading a rock you found nearby for this delicious bread.
Shion: Well lets eat before the trader finds out about and causes some trouble for us.

*Shion has a golden voice for trading like this, its how helena and shion get their food and drinks.*

helena: Shion, did you ever though about leaving this life and just settle in the HQ pioneer guild?
Shion: Why do you ask this when you already know the answer?
Helena: I dont know.. its just this is sort of stealing of fair people..
Shion: Stealing!?
Helena: i said sort of stealing!
Shion: This isnt stealing, people believe stuff like that and trade me for something less or equal to value.
Helena: but you just talk random stuff and with your skills they will believe it!
Shion: its not my fault that i have this gift.. besides i live like this my whole life... why should i change it for something like settling down in some building?
Helena: Your whole life?..
Shion: Yes...
Helena: How....
Shion: Oh Cra... Helena run we continue this a other time.

*Running like they never had before, they headed off to some unknown parts of the new world*

Shion: I.. i think we lost him...
Helena: that was close!
Shion: Yeah.. the guy figured out the rock was fake and not worth anything at all quick.

*Ohh how wrong Shion was now*

Trader: Darn it... they run like their lives are on the line.. i hope i will see this guy agian the rock was even more worth then he though.. the rock had daimonds in it and a whole new jewel
equal to like 100000000 of diamonds... if i ever see him agian i will give this back..

Shion: By the way, where are we?
Helena: Like i know this place? its all jungle like and so not near any towns..
Shion: Hey whats that over there... its moving to the left and right all the time..
Helena: Lets go check it, there might be something over there.

HA! Part 2 will arrive soon enough.

I almost forgot to update several of my lists so here they are:

The anime list will be updated next year aswell due to the new animes that will start.

Might not be much but like i already said if everything goes right this list will be bigger next patch =3

Easy short-cut to all the post which contains the story progress.

And with this all, i shall say a early Merry Christmas & A happy new year to all people ^_^

donderdag 1 november 2012

Server Transfer.

As the title says a Server transfer for sword2.

It will go to the publisher stuff.
Between 1 Novermber and 30 December you got time to transfer, after that its waiting till 10th January to play again.

Lotsa drama because of this, because yesterday some random guy actually copy it from the moderators forums... a part we normal people cant see. ( I wonder how he did that xD).
So the community already knew there was something to happen but before Raiden posted the official transfer thread, the guy who did it before was considered a troll or not.. but it was the real deal in the end.

Meh all i want is my email change, without it i cant transfer... and if it doesnt work out i kinda will stop GE, i dont like it to start over agian and for sure in GE were i spend a pretty good 3 years in it.

Anyways i will leave it by this, back to bed!.

vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

Late Night Snacks

Talking about snacks i am hungry...
Anyways next part of our hero's.

Cathy: *sight* its so boring without Romina and Soho here!
Luna: PFFFF, then help us rebuild our home! you been doing nothing more then standing there all day!
Cathy: Because its soooo hot now... Wanna go and get a cold drink?
Luna: No!, Romina ordered us to remake the Pioneers Guild HQ, if we dont finish before she returns we gonna have a bad time.
Cathy: *gulps* ....
Luna: So come here and help me!

*Many of the Pioneers that are left behind are remaking the HQ that was burned down due Iseriru attack*

Gracie: Helios lend me a hand over here.
Helios: Be right there, need to finish this over here.
Imusi: Ill help you Gracie, i am just done ordering our late night snacks.
Gracie: Ah thank you Imusi, your much more of a help the Helios.
Helios: I heard that
Imusi & Gracie: *laughs*
Vincent: So how far are we now? we got the Main hall and several rooms.
Imusi: We still need 5-7 rooms more, Cathy&Luna are working on the kitchen and cellar parts.
Vincent: Alright, guess i will go head to town to get Emilia to work on the Liberary because i have a lot of books and more stuff underway.
Imusi: While your at it, get Adelina back on work for our spot at the Dock, i think she will be quite happy to work on that.
Vincent: Okay! see you guys later!
Helios: Can i...
Gracie: NO! you remain here and help us.
Helios: awwwww

*Back to the Devil Island, things are about to get started*

Romina: That was a strong door...
Soho: Not the kinda door you see every day.
Romina: What is this room? it feels like were not on the devil island anymore...
Raven: *ugh*
Soho: Raven?
Raven: The curse is getting stronger...
Soho: Strange that nothing is happening to Romina...
Romina: You mean to persons who walk here without a curse?
Soho: Ya... your still feeling alright dont you?
Romina: Nothing feels different.
Raven: It could be...
Soho: It might be that, Romina What did you say earlier about this room feeling different?
Romina: That i feel like we arent on the Devil Island anymore.
Raven: Its true we arent there anymore.. that means we are inside the Devil world!
?: AH, that took quite some time to figure out for you Raven! and look whose here too... Soho what a suprise!
Soho: Oh no... not him...
Raven: Gresha...
Gresha: We meet agian, last time i nearly killed you guys... any improvements before i finish the job?
Soho: This time its different Gresha!
Romina: Skip the talking and lets battle this Devil!
Gresha: AHAHAH! you dare battle me inside my own world?, come and meet your end!

*While Romina/Soho/Raven are preparing for the fight of their lives, Miyufi and Alicia are in the castle now*

Alicia: Miyufi! for the last time, can you please be carefull were you walk!?...
Miyufi: I didnt knew this place is full of traps and devils!!
Alicia: altho i am glad they didnt killed us, you didnt had to kill that last devil in a eye blink...
Miyufi: He was behind me and without a single though i slashed him... wasnt my meaning to kill him in 1 blow...
Alicia: *sight* we need to figure this out now, because there are 2 doors and i believe that devil wanted to say which door is the right one..
Miyufi: Why dont we split up here now?
Alicia: Would that be a good idea? because if one of us die right now, our plan wouldnt work..
Miyufi: I rather do that then doing nothing and stand here for hours to think what freaking door we need...

Well I leave it at this point now, because choices are fun to begin with anyways.

Story Chapters list:
Character list:

Added a new Pioneer.

woensdag 19 september 2012

Pretty Naice Event.

After weeks of lurking on the forums and not so much time spent on Sword2, a nice event pops up.

The Seeker of Wisdom event.

Although this is more of a afk event, the rewards that you can get are pretty nice.
because i myself am aiming for Punisher and the Black Dragon Pet.
Thus ill be "online" for now and try to get those 2, after that... i dont know which to get then.

And still waiting on the update (like many many others).
but been planning on using a new team.. but every time i come up with some decent team to use i always get 1 thing to short.
Why? its because i wanna use Grandies and have et/flare and a teambuff.. but here why i cant have them all together...

Grandies/Goth Vincent/Ion = Et+flare but no teambuff...
Grandies/Asoka/Goth Vincent = Et+teambuff but no Flare

and you could imagine the rest otherwise i am gonna see different teams that i orginally dont planned to play around with.

But meh... still time enough to think about it i guess.. in the mean time farm on boxes and if possible to get the rest of the items i need and which quests i still should do.

Sooo what have i done the couple of weeks that have passed?..

Nothing much then just 2 games. Elsword and League of Legends.
out of those 2, i like Elsword more then LoL so far.

Because LoL is Figurely repeative all the time, Elsword looks repeative with its quest but actually it kinda helps you more to not be a total newbie, because you need to play on normal then hard and after that very hard.. all on the same stage but just a bit harder, aswell to several stages where you can enter Abyss mode...never gonna do that agian... >_<

oh btw Elsword is some sort of 2/3d anime dungeon crawling game... familiar to rusty hearts and several more if you can think of.

And i will leave it by this for now, dont wanna talk random crap do i now? o.O

(This... is really fun!)

donderdag 19 juli 2012


Instead of the usual get up, i just wanna post some pictures.

Some floor art at the top of Secret Tower.

This would be somewhere in Clock Tower. 

 The pistol is somewhere on the server now, but the mods were exactly as the golem dagger i had.

Spammed my own chat...

My best new buddy!

Altho alive?...

Lunia, Asuka in Myth 6 + Ancient spirit head gear.
But this one is old already, killing and slashing around in some more badass armor

And from 9gag, try and remember this and say it online.

dinsdag 26 juni 2012

Sudden Story part!

*Just before they enter the gates*

Miyufi: Look I see Soho Romina and Raven..
Alicia: Let them enter the Castle first, we go in exact 30 mins when they entered.
Miyufi: Right..

*Alicia and Miyufi are following the others, but what for?*

Romina: Soho..
Soho: Yes i know, Miyufi and Alicia are behind that mountain.. i know of Miyufi great distance view.
Romina: Shouldnt we stop them before they enter this Castle?
Raven: Its up to them to enter or not.. in the end it wouldnt matter.
Romina: But what if..
Raven: Like i said, its up to them..
Soho: Lets go.. Iseriru is waiting, cant let her wait.

*And so they enter the Castle, it doesnt take long before they enter the first room out of the countless of rooms*

Romina: This place is quite well build.. it probbly make it stand to a siege.
Raven: Thats how this castle is made.. untill the devils found it and make it their own castle.
Soho: Speak of the devils.. heres one..
Devil: Welcome Strangers to our castle, as you know our master is waiting for you.. but for her amusement we prepared several challanges for you.
Romina: Well this was expected.. whats our first challange?
Devil: hehehhe... its for you to find out what it is... 

*The devil then dissapears from the room*

Raven: That was helpfull...
Soho: So any has a idea what he meant?
Romina: I do.. that little imp was watching this statue all the time.. *touch*

*This statue then moved a little to the right*

Soho: Woah! how did you?
Romina: Thats when you dont slack on the jobs you have soho!
Soho: oh hehe never mind then.
Raven: Quite usefull indeed! lets us continue.

*30 mins have passed*

Alicia: Miyufi lets move!
Miyufi: heh what?
Alicia: What where you doing?
Miyufi: I though a little tea break would help me calm down but it seems i got no time for that now.
Miyufi: okay okay.. dont have to yell at me.
Alicia: *sight* lets move on yes?
Miyufi: Lead the way miss i wanna be dead before i kill Iseriru.

*And so everybody enters the castle*

Raven: Argghh..
Soho: Raven.. your feeling it dont you?
Romina: the curse is working now?
Raven: We are spending to much time here solving these puzzles..
Soho: Ofcourse.. Iseriru knows we are here to kill her..
Romina: We need to get to the killing of devils part pretty soon..
Raven: What makes you so certain of that?
Romina: These puzzles have a hidden meaning.. each room gives me a hint that the rumoured devil isnt a rumour after all..
Raven: !?
Soho: Didnt you noticed it Raven?
Raven: No not at all..
Soho: Seems your out of your skills of being a assassin heh?
Raven: Well i am not the one who entered the Pioneering Guild did i now?
Soho: Hehe got a point there i guess.
Romina: Solved it, lets move on.
Raven: So tell me why didnt you quite fighting for money?
Soho: It wasnt about the money at all, it was about the fun i have with these people..
Raven: Hehhh you change a lot if you say that!
Soho: Well you have changed to, being this mysterious merchant crossing the New World?
Raven: Well the adverturing spirit never left me.
Soho: So it seems...
Romina: you guys done with talking? i could use your help with this door... it wont open with my strength alone.

*While Romina Soho and Raven are going deeper in the castle, Miyufi and Alicia have a believing problem*

Miyufi: You know there was this mysterious rumour about a devil being trapped inside this castle, you believe it Alicia?
Alicia: Ofcourse i dont, devils dont exists in this world.. if they are shoot me then.
Miyufi: Okay thats a promise..

Well things are going to a end for both are partys in the Devils Castle.
If this Devil does exist, who will face it first?
And if they face it, will they be strong enough to kill it and figth Iseriru?

Nothing much else to post then that i been afking in errac to get several rune sets, as it seems i want my +8 const Greatsword goal in progress.

Mean while on Sword2 update news, the 9.5 update (or which update it might be) wont happen instead we go to 10.6, downside gotta wait a bit longer but hey i am not a person who complains about it and just works on getting L33T stoofz.

And now: Here have a picture of a Calypso waiting at the Clocktower entrance.

donderdag 31 mei 2012

Happy dance!

I normally dont start with a picture, but for this i will make a exception
This is my very first Elite Le Noir armor, and the outcome is making me very happy!

Consider myself lucky for the right armor that i got through the Ocullta Bounty Hunter mission.