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Early Happy Christmas and New Year!

Alright the last post for this year is coming up.
All i wanna post now is what i did, what i do now, what will happen next.

Lets start with what i accomplished this year in sword2:
First of all my very first Eln, which i still am very happy with it. ^_^
Solo both Mines & Ruins, trying to do parts of ToC but Einwind is such a b*tch!
The friends i made this year.

Overall these are my main points which i can remember and am happy about, the castilla runs are just testing on how far i can go alone in the game which makes me happy everytime i get further.

And know for what i am doing now:
With the Alphabet Event gone and several other events aswell i have been farming for the next patch characters, which i have nearly everything i need, or atleast so far that i got the items i want for my next teams.

Aswell i have been busy with setting up a Minecraft server with the elements of a RPG.
So far so good is all i can say to it now. As a minecraft player you might say why a other RPG server when there are a lot of other ones in there?.
Well in a simple answer: When have you seen a hand made RPG server without World Edit plugins?
Yeap thats right, i am making this whole server block by block.
(Only looking for testers with several plugins... because not all people would read the rules and just f*ck it all up...)

This is how it looks when it was still in the begin phase with the wrong texture pack.
As you can see its not on the usual water level, in fact i am making this all in the sky, 20-30 blocks above the clouds.. (which is ratehr funny because minecraft logic: Its rains above the clouds)

The next pictures is with the correct texture pack and how the current map looks like.

This would be the upgraded begin area, as you can see there is a space for more which i intend to make something there, probbly more houses for players to live in.

This Castle is home for future in-game events, hence its name is Event Castle, these events are gonna be made by myself due to its fun and many events i can make.

This structure here is the entrance to all the lands that are in the sky, this is the first thing you will see when you come all the way up from the starting spawn.

More views on the lands, as maker of this world/server i can fly to everything there is, but i assure you its much more enjoyable when you walk normal, because you can see the actual build from the front.

This is would be the Admin/Moderators house, because of that this place isnt reachable by normal players because i made this way higher then the lands below it.\
As seen from in-game you can only see its side parts a little bit, everything in the middle is a total mystery to people who dont see this.

Aswell i am not making pictures all over the place, who knows you join the server but you have already seen it all, which makes it a little less enjoyable (atleast for me if i would join a server)

And now for what will happen next:
When the new server kicks in, i will be busy (like many others) getting new chars doing new quest and ofcourse the new missions, if everythign goes right i will "level-up" in game.
And ofcourse i won forget to post on my blog its just i be busy the days and in the new year.

With that i shall end my plans etc.

Without further delay i present to you the part 1 of the off-spin story!

Shion: Alright lets get this right, you will give me this insane delicious bread and i will give you this precious rock for it!
Trader: And this rock came from?
Shion: From the richest cave this new world has to offer, i give you my word its the best rock you will ever find and for a trade like this you dont want to refuse!
Trader: ughhh.... alright deal..
Shion: Thank you kind trader!

*Shion a master in trading stuff or is he now?*

Shion: Thanks to my good skills we have some food Helena.
Helena: I still cant believe you actually did that...
Shion: All in a days work for me.
Helena: People really need to learn to distrust people a bit xD
Shion: I just have a convincing voice thats all!
Helena: Got that right, trading a rock you found nearby for this delicious bread.
Shion: Well lets eat before the trader finds out about and causes some trouble for us.

*Shion has a golden voice for trading like this, its how helena and shion get their food and drinks.*

helena: Shion, did you ever though about leaving this life and just settle in the HQ pioneer guild?
Shion: Why do you ask this when you already know the answer?
Helena: I dont know.. its just this is sort of stealing of fair people..
Shion: Stealing!?
Helena: i said sort of stealing!
Shion: This isnt stealing, people believe stuff like that and trade me for something less or equal to value.
Helena: but you just talk random stuff and with your skills they will believe it!
Shion: its not my fault that i have this gift.. besides i live like this my whole life... why should i change it for something like settling down in some building?
Helena: Your whole life?..
Shion: Yes...
Helena: How....
Shion: Oh Cra... Helena run we continue this a other time.

*Running like they never had before, they headed off to some unknown parts of the new world*

Shion: I.. i think we lost him...
Helena: that was close!
Shion: Yeah.. the guy figured out the rock was fake and not worth anything at all quick.

*Ohh how wrong Shion was now*

Trader: Darn it... they run like their lives are on the line.. i hope i will see this guy agian the rock was even more worth then he though.. the rock had daimonds in it and a whole new jewel
equal to like 100000000 of diamonds... if i ever see him agian i will give this back..

Shion: By the way, where are we?
Helena: Like i know this place? its all jungle like and so not near any towns..
Shion: Hey whats that over there... its moving to the left and right all the time..
Helena: Lets go check it, there might be something over there.

HA! Part 2 will arrive soon enough.

I almost forgot to update several of my lists so here they are:

The anime list will be updated next year aswell due to the new animes that will start.

Might not be much but like i already said if everything goes right this list will be bigger next patch =3

Easy short-cut to all the post which contains the story progress.

And with this all, i shall say a early Merry Christmas & A happy new year to all people ^_^

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